Only one reservation per family can be in the system at a time.

You will need your LIBRARY CARD and PIN to make an online reservation.  If you do not know your PIN, please call the library at 603-886-6030 to make a reservation.

Please be sure to pick up your pass at the library no later than by 11am on the day of your museum visit, or call the library at 603-886-6030 if you're running late or wish to cancel. You may also pick up your pass the day before your planned visit.  We will not hold passes beyond 11am unless other arrangements have been made. 

COVID_19 note:  We do our best to keep up with re-openings and hours.  However, patrons are responsible for verifying  hours and any new procedures with museums directly.  Some museums will require that you call the library to have a promotion code provided instead of or in addition to the pass.