Our automated reservation system determines which dates are available for pick-up. Museum Passes and Hotspots cannot be checked out before your selected reservation date (no exceptions). Please confirm your preferred date before making your reservation.

Museum Passes and Hotspots may be borrowed by Jericho Library cardholders who are 18 years of age or older.

One Museum Pass may be borrowed per library card at a time. Reservations cannot overlap. Up to 4 passes per library card may be reserved within a 60 day period. In fairness to others, one reservation for a specific museum can be reserved within a 60 day period.

One Hotspot may be borrowed within a 60 day period per library card.

Museums have restrictions or have closed temporarily due to COVID-19. Please click on LEARN MORE (under each museum) for details and instructions. We recommend calling the museum in advance for further information regarding your visit.


Print on Demand- Please reserve the date of your visit. The reservation is for one day. This pass may be printed from home and there is no need to return it to the library. Present the printed pass and your Jericho Library card for admission to the museum.

Pick Up/ Return- Please reserve your date of pick up. We offer a generous three day loan period to accommodate your date of pick up, date to visit the museum, and date to return. Present the physical pass and your Jericho Library card for admission to the museum. The pass is then returned to the Library for the next patron.

By clicking above you are agreeing to our Museum Pass Policy.