If you are utilizing printed passes, please assure the name on the pass matches the name on your Driver's License or ID.  Printed passes are not accepted digitally and must be printed.

You must have a valid library card in good standing (no fines, fees, or overdue material) to check out a library museum pass. Library card holders, must be at least 18 years old.

There is a LATE RETURN CHARGE OF $10 PER DAY, per pass, payable upon return of passes for each day late.

A pass may be checked out for a 3 day loan period. No renewals allowed.

There is a limit of two (2) museum passes per person or family per loan period.

The pass must be returned to the Woodbury Public Library ONLY, on the day the pass is due.

Passes may be returned in the outside bookdrop, but only if contents are protected (enclosed in a bag or envelope)

Borrowers will be required to pay full replacement value for passes lost in their possession. The cost of the replacement of lost passes varies with each museum (up to $500.00).

Each museum reserves the right to determine rules and regulations governing the use of the courtesy pass. A telephone call to the museum for confirmation of hours & exhibits is recommended.